Gardaí Launch Road Safety Campaign As Farming Activity Increases


Gardaí in Tipperary are aware that the summer season is upon us;  during this time there is significant increase of traffic on our roads. 

This initiative focuses on Agricultural Machinery on our public roads.  It aims to highlight issues and responsibility of all road users by creating awareness for all drivers and road users alike. 

Gardaí in Tipperary recognise that with the beginning of summer comes the busy season for farmers who are concerned with ensuring that the silage is cut, land is fertilised and that the harvest is completed.

In a Garda press release, the initiative explains that Gardai “understand that this is vital to the life of a rural community and is essential to ensuring the viability of their businesses. At this time of the year we want to highlight a number concerns that we ask all road users to bear in mind:

All Road Users

•             There is an increase of agricultural traffic on our road network.

•             Everyone is entitled to use the public road and we ask that you have consideration for other road users.

•             For the next few months, you might have to factor in longer road journeys and extra road hazards.

•             It is everyone’s responsibility to drive with due care and attention at all times”