Book About Life During The Pandemic With Tipp Mid West Launches


A local woman, author and listener has published a book detailing her journey through the pandemic lockdowns with Tipp Mid West Radio.

Nellie Keane aka 805 who’s a creative writer says the book is a collection of short stories and poetry about how the radio helped her and listeners to navigate through the uncharted times of 2020-2021.

Nellie says there’s always a person at the end of the phone when you ring the radio for a friendly chat or to get information.

Ms Keane says the book is pitched around the Breakfast Show and she admits listening in each and every morning to presenter Norman Morrissey.

The local author recalls a listener who was house bound explaining how they had a radio in each room so wherever they went within their home the presenters were reaching out the hand of friendship through the air waves.

The book is available at the radio station on St Michael’s Street in Tipperary Town with all proceeds going towards the radio station.

Check out more about the book and Nellie’s experience of writing it below: