Kildare Family Appeal For Help To Find Their Missing Dog In Co. Tipp


A Kildare family are appealing for help in trying to locate their missing dog.

The dog was being taken for a walk over the weekend by staff at a boarding kennel in Tipperary when it slipped the leash and escaped.

It is thought that the dog chased a rabbit and failed to return to the person in charge.

The dog was spotted in the Glengoole-Ballysloe area today and the owners were alerted however by the time they arrived the dog ran away again into hedging for cover.

Given the bad weather forecast, the dog, named Brandy, might seek shelter.

If anyone sees the dog, please contact Louise at 085 155 1311. The dog is a two-year-old beagle cross(see image attached) but is very nervous.

The dog has a collar and is microchipped. The dog might go to a child quicker than an adult according to the owner.

The dog has three white feet, black colouring  on her nose and is brown otherwise except for a white chest. 


Brandy, the 2 year old brown beagle cross, has been found.

She has been returned to her home after being missing for 7 days.

She is said to have lost weight and has returned a more cautious dog.