Investigation Into Limerick-Based Charity Continues


The investigation into the financial affairs of Bothar, the Limerick Headquartered Charity, continues.

Documents, computers, and other material, from the office in England of one of the founders of the Limerick-based charity, Bóthar, are to be examined by the Gardaí.

Billy Kelly, a former journalist with the Limerick Leader, set up an English charity, Msaada, after he moved to England around 2003 – Msaada no longer operates in the UK. Financial transactions between Msaada and Bother form part of an ongoing investigation by the serious economic crime unit of An Garda Síochána, into the misappropriation of funds at Bóthar.

It is understood the police in England took possession of the contents of the office from which Kelly ran his Msaada operation, to assist the Garda investigation. The English police has not opened an investigation into Msaada. The Gardaí have also seized material from the home of the former Bóthar chief executive, David Moloney, in Clino, Newport, Co Tipperary and another property associated with him.

The High Court heard last week that Mr Moloney has admitted to stealing money from the charity. Mr Moloney has admitted he stole substantial sums over the years from Bóthar, and said that he shared some of the money with Mr Kelly as well as with another founder of Bóthar, Peter Ireton, who died tragically in his home two weeks ago. It is understood Mr Moloney has not as yet been interviewed by the Gardaí.