March4Tipp warns of ‘damaging’ noise levels in Tipp Town

7,000 daily traffic movements recorded.

HGVs on the N24 in Tipperary Town.

Noise from traffic on the N24 going through Tipperary town is regularly reaching levels that the World Health Organisation (WHO) deems damaging to health.

The March4Tipp group has monitored noise levels from seven different sites along the Tipperary town route in the course of ongoing road works.

It found that average noise levels in the areas monitored exceeded WHO guidelines by as much as 67%.

Traffic noise levels above 53 decibels can cause adverse health effects.

Recent World Health Organisation research found that average traffic noise levels above 53 decibels can cause adverse health effects.

March4Tipp has noted that on one day of the monitoring process, the noise never went below the WHO level.

The group has also said that its survey found that noise levels that can be damaging to hearing (85 decibels and above) were measured 121 times in one day alone.

March4Tipp County Councillor Annemarie Ryan maintains that the data reinforces the need for a ring road in the short term, particularly when figures from Transport Infrastructure Ireland also show that there are 7,000 traffic movements through Tipperary town each day.

The group is also measuring air pollution levels; and while incomplete, initial figures suggest ‘substantial breaches’ for nitrogen dioxide and particulates.