Workshop To Develop Policy Regarding CCTV To Be Held By Tipperary Councillors


Tipperary Councillors are to hold a workshop to develop a policy in respect of CCTV in communities across the county. CEO Joe McGrath says a huge bill is going to arise if the Council takes on funding of ongoing maintenance for CCTV schemes. Councillors at the Tipperary plenary meeting were told that capital funding and approval of schemes is dependent on maintenance funding being in place. Cllr Sean Ryan from Littleton proposed that the Council contact the Garda Commissioner to press for the prompt approval of the Littleton CCTV scheme so that the installed system could be put into use. 

Clllr Noel Coonan Chair of the Tipperary Joint Policing committee noted that two council personnel that had been dealing with CCTV now have new responsibilities and expressed concern that momentum in the county could be lost just when GDPR compliance issues had been resolved.  CEO Joe McGrath says the matter will require councillors to make tough decision as apart from maintenance costs annually the technology will need  to be upgraded  from time to time.