Lowry Welcomes Cost Of Living Budget Measures

File photo of Michael Lowry
Michael Lowry, TD © Michaellowry.ie

Tipperary TD Michael Lowry has told the Dáil that Budget Day has been diminished by details being available prior to announcement in the Dail.

The changes have come about largely because of the forums and dialogue that take place in advance of the budget and the input of the Fiscal Advisory council.

The Tipperary TD has attended more than 40 Budgets and complains that the ‘Government, considers it far more important to brief the Media in advance, rather than the Elected Representatives of the people’.

He welcomed the cost of living measures but warned that more would be needed after Christmas.

Deputy Lowry was critical of the lack of supports for all sectors of business especially transport providers and sole traders.

Deputy Lowry called for urgent action to recruit and retain staff in the HSE and to ensure Ireland becomes more energy secure.