FSAI Received over 3,000 Food Complaints in 2021

Pic: FSAI.ie

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) received 3,414 complaints about food safety on their Advice Line in 2021.

This marked a 23% increase compared to 2020, according to FSAI’s latest figures.

The highest number of complaints were around unfit food (36%), followed by poor hygiene standards at 24%.

Foreign body contamination was noted by the FSAI as being the most common complaint while the objects reported being found in food included hair, glass, stones, pieces of plastic and even a disposable glove in one case.

In total, unfit food accounted for 1,235 of the complaints received by the FSAI in 2021.

All complaints received by the Food Safety Authority were followed up and investigated by food inspectors throughout the country.

Dr Pamela Byrne, Chief Executive of the FSAI said: “Consumers have a right to safe food. Having people spotting and reporting inappropriate and unsafe food and practices greatly aids our work with the food inspectors and provides us with information that we can act upon.”

The FSAI’s Advice Line also offers advice for those working within the food industry such as manufacturers, retailers and distributors, and Dr Byrne says this is something that the FSAI welcomes.

“Food business owners and managers should continue to use our website and Advice Line for the most recent updates regarding food safety best practices.

“The FSAI’s Advice Line, supported by a comprehensive website and online publication ordering system, are important resources for the food industry to visit and engage with experts for free advice,” she said.

The FSAI Advice Line is open 10am to 4pm daily and is manned by food scientists and trained advisors and can be reached by emailing [email protected] or through the ‘make it better‘ section of the FSAI website.