Pediatric Waiting Lists in Tipperary to be Raised with Health Minister


Tipperary councillors have agreed to raise the plight of 82 children waiting on urgent orthopedic intervention with the Minister for Health.

The council unanimously approved a motion put forward by Cllr Seamie Morris, who had raised the issue with the Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly in December 2020.

The motion put forward by the Nenagh based Councillor includes graphic detail of the suffering of the children with Spina Bifida or Hydrocephalus as they continue to deteriorate while waiting for surgery.

Delays in treatment may mean that the children will require more complex surgeries and failing that, amputation of limbs.

To address the issue, the call is made that the Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly fast track these children for surgical review as a matter of urgency and that provision of services is made to disabled children within elective hospital settings as as well as acute hospital settings to avoid a repeat of this situation in the future.