Rent Prices Up 10% on Last Year


Sharp increases in rent have been reported since last year.

The property website has shown a 10% increase in the price of rental properties since last year in their latest quarterly report.

Rental prices in Dublin rose by 4%, compared with just 0.5% in Munster – a reversal on early last year when prices were rising fastest outside the capital.

Central to rent price increases was the lack of accommodation available to rent, with just 1,397 properties available to rent at the time the report was compiled.

The report, which was put together by Professor Ronan Lyons, reveals that 63 ‘identifiable Private Rental Sector complexes’ comprising almost 7,800 homes were approximately 90% occupied which Prof Lyons says counters claims of high occupancy in some luxury developments.

In Tipperary, the average rental price was €1,001 in the last quarter of 2021, up 10.1%.

In Limerick, the average price was €1,085 per month, up almost 11%.

The lowest place to rent in the country was Leitrim with accommodation costing €779 per month.

The average rents across Dublin range from €1,996 per month – an increase of 7.2% – in the city centre to €1,897 in the north of the county.