Heritage Minister Announces Working Group To Protect Declining Wild Bird Species From Hunters


As the Open Seasons Order allowing the hunting of birds begins today September 1st,  Minister of State for Heritage Malcolm Noonan announced the creation of a working group in the National Parks and Wildlife service  to review the sustainability of hunting certain bird populations that are in decline.

The minster  is  inviting stakeholders to participate in a collaborative dialogue in the coming months to develop a plan for a sustainable future for these species in Ireland. 

The species which are causing concern include the Red Grouse, Golden Plover, Woodcock, Shoveler and Snipe. 

Minister Noonan said by the time the season comes around next year the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the stakeholders will have concluded a paper for the Department  on the science, the EU position and what can be done in Ireland in the short, medium and long term to conserve these threatened species.