85% of Tipperary Business Owners Support N24 Traffic Being Diverted Around The Town


According to the latest press release from Heritage Council, Tipperary town businesses overwhelmingly (85%) support N24 traffic being diverted around the town, according to a new poll published today (01.09.21). In reply to the question “What improvements would you make to Tipperary Town centre?”, 26% of respondents were specifically in favour of a bypass.

Findings also show that four out of five businesses in the town have seen their profits fall during the COVID-19 pandemic. For almost three out of ten business owners, this has meant a decline in turnover and profitability of more than 50%. 

The landmark research was conducted in June 2021 by Red C Research on behalf of The Heritage Council and Tipperary Town Chamber, as part of the Collaborative Town Centre Health Check (CTCHC) Programme.  A total of 61 Tipperary Town businesses took part in the survey, which reveals that derelict buildings, lack of investment, and traffic problems, are key concerns for the business community, preparing a fightback against the COVID pandemic.  

The sector says several issues need to be addressed:  

  • One in three respondents reported traffic congestion as their first impression of the town.
  • Vacant structures (23%) and business closures (16%) were also cited as key issues. 
  • Re-purposing derelict buildings was identified as a priority area for improvement by nearly half of respondents (43%). 

The Collaborative Town Centre Health Check (CTCHC) is a key strategic programme run by The Heritage Council. It is included in the Programme for Government and has a waiting list of over 40 towns. The programme aims to raise awareness, understanding and appreciation of the critical role that historic town centres play in the lives of residents and visitors alike. The findings from this CTCHC report will help to inform investment decisions for the future management and revitalisation of the historic town centre. 

This first-ever business survey for Tipperary Town is Step 4 in the 15-Step CTCHC process.