Council Publishes Outline of 3 Year Action Plan for Tipp Town


Tipperary County Council has outlined how its Plan of Action for Tipperary Town will take shape.

In a statement, the Director of Community and Economic Development with the County Council, Pat Slattery has said that the plan will focus on three main aspects – the town’s economy, and its social and tourism potential.

In order to represent all of the interests in the Town Forum will be utilised.

It will comprise of a number of interest groups and it will also be open to other agencies.

A consultant is to be appointed to prepare the plan and to assist in a public consultation exercise. 

The intention is that the actions identified should be deliverable over a three-year period. 

Some of the issues and projects that will be under discussion have already been identified. These include the need for an N24 relief road, town centre revitalisation, marketing the Sky Innovation Park and developing a new business park for small business, among others. Other suggestions will also be examined.

In order to ensure that the action plan is delivered, Tipperary County Council will also recruit a Project Manager for the three-year period. 

The Project Manager’s role will be to deliver the actions in the plan by collaborating with all agencies, and by sourcing and securing the necessary funding, while also providing timelines for delivery. 

The appointed person will provide regular progress updates to the people of the town and will report to the forum.

Speaking to Tipperary Mid West Radio this morning, Pat Slattery said that the people of the town will be updated regularly through the Town Forum and through local media.