Children Referendum: How Tipp voted


Voters in Tipperary North and South have voted yes to a proposal to amend the constitution in The Children Referedum held on November 10th.

This was the first vote taken on a Saturday but despite this, voter turnout in Tipperary was low with approximately 36% of those eligible to vote casting their ballot. The turnout in the county and at a national level was one of the lowest turnouts for a ballot since 1996. The ‘yes’ vote was lower in Tipperary when compared with the national average of 58%.  The referendum has been ‘carried’ and the constitution will be amended. A new artictle 42A will be added and Article 42.5 will be deleted.

Here are the results of the referendum vote in both North and South Tipperary.  For full national and constituency vote results please visit

Yes No Electorate Turnout Valid Poll
South Tipperary 54.17% 45.83% 55,773 19,623 (35.18%) 19,532
North Tipperary 55.75% 44.25% 62,106 23,117 (37.22%) 22,991
National 58% 42% 3,183,686 1,066,239 (33.49%) 1,061,584