Mr Lowry amend registar of Dail Interests


North Tipperary TD Michael Lowry has confirmed that he has now entered the lands he owns in Wigan England into the Registar of Dail Interests.

Mr Lowry had been at the centre of controversy over his failure to declare his stake in 22 acres of land that recent reports said were worth anything between €110,000 and €10 Million.

Mr Lowry defended himself by saying that the land was worth little as it was not being considered for a more profitable planning designation, nor did have a suitable entrance off a nearby motorway.

However, in a brief statement issued yesterday afternoon the Independent TD said he amended his registar of Dail interests to include what he termed as "land of negligible value held in partnership at Wigan".

He added that while he was under no obligation to do so he made the entry yesterday in response to what was in his view "wildly inaccurate speculation regarding its value.