BBC Receives Over 100,000 Complaints About Prince Philip Coverage


The BBC has received in excess of 100,000 complaints about its coverage of the death of Prince Philip. This figure would make it a record number of public complaints to the British Broadcaster, surpassing the previous record of over 63,000 complaints in 2005, when the BBC Broadcast “Jerry Springer: The Musical”.

The enormous volume of complaints arose when the BBC cleared virtually all of its TV coverage to focus exclusively on the death of the Prince, with many of the complaints referring to the peculiar simultaneous & identical mirrored coverage on both BBC 1 & BBC 2, at the expense of any other programming. Many of the complaints arose as people felt it was unnecessary that the general public were forced to watch the same Prince Philip broadcasts on both channels, which was deemed unnecessary, and prevented the public in having any choice in the material they were forced to view.

The unprecedented number of complaints compelled the BBC to set up a dedicated page on their website exclusively for complaints lodged in relation to the broadcaster’s coverage of Prince Philip.