ESB New High Power EV Chargers In Obama Plaza


Marek Moderski (Retail and Forecourt Manager, Barack Obama Plaza), John Byrne (Head of ESB ecars), and Matthew Seally (Chairperson of the Irish EV Association) come together to unveil the new High Power EV Charging Hub at Barack Obama Plaza.

ESB has today launched its new High Power (200kW) EV charging hub at the Barack Obama Plaza motorway service in Tipperary that will enable eight EVs to charge simultaneously using 100% renewable energy.

The new charging facility is capable of providing 100km of charge in as little as six minutes.

The charging bay, which is located on Junction 23, just off the M7 Motorway at Barack Obama Plaza, is expected to be a game-changer for EV drivers, particularly those travelling long distances in the midlands and Munster region.

The ESB is rolling out a €20m investment in all-island EV infrastructure, which is a key part of ESB’s sustainability strategy and commitment to reaching net-zero by 2040.

The ESB aims to deliver 50 High-Power hubs across the country as part of its national EV network strategy with 28 yet to be delivered.