Tipp Pupils To Walk To School As Part Of Green Initiative


Green-Schools National Walk to School Week begins on Monday, September 19th for five days.

The aim is to celebrate walking, active transport, and sustainable solutions to congestion at schools around Ireland.

Green-Schools Travel Officers will be working directly with schools this especially on plans for Wednesday when students are encouraged to walk to school.

Green-Schools Travel Officers will also be conducting walkability audits, promoting active travel and delivering workshops in schools to encourage a change in habits to help create a school environment that is accessible and enjoyable for all.

The organisers are appealing to all drivers to consider their behaviour when driving near a school, to slow down, park considerately and expect children.

A recent Speedweek Report revealed that speed limits around schools are not obeyed.

Drivers are also asked to turn their engines off and stop idling when waiting near schools to reduce air pollution.

The greenschoolsireland.org website has additional information and resources especially for primary schools.