Limerick Chamber Urges Department To Use Spare Capacity In Shannon Airport


Limerick Chamber is calling on the Department of Transport to compel the Dublin Airport Authority to partner with airports in the regions to solve its capacity crisis and to ensure that passenger delays are avoided.

The Chamber says that significant spare capacity at Shannon, Cork, Ireland West (Knock) and Kerry airports should be used.

The Chamber has welcomed a change in Government policy to provide funding for State owned airports through the Regional Airports Programme but says an urgent overhaul of aviation policy is required to prevent a Dublin centric passenger flow.

The Chamber says an all Ireland approach is needed as to what airports are used for what flights with a shuttle bus service providing transport for crew and affected passengers.

Limerick Chamber says Dublin Airport’s monopoly is way out of sync with international norms and urges the state to intervene with policies to direct or incentivise route connectivity to regional airports in the best interest of passengers, other airports and development of the regions.