186 Tipp Schools Secures 1.8 Million Together To Improve Technology


The Department of Education has announced €50 million in funding for primary and second level schools for this year as part of an overall plan to invest €200 million in technology up to 2030.

School leaders will have flexibility in how they invest the funding.

In addition to this funding, the Department funds the School Broadband Programme at an annual cost of €13m to provide broadband connectivity to schools.

Work is continuing to ensure that all primary and special schools will have minimum connection speeds of 100 Mbps or greater by 2023.

In the case of a primary school the digital strategy ICT grant will consist of a €2,000 basic grant plus payments per student ranging from  €41.10 to €49.32 per pupil. 

In the case of a post-primary school the ICT grant will consist of a €2,000 basic grant plus €49.32 per mainstream student and €54.25 per student in DEIS schools.

In Tipperary  30 second level and 156 primary schools received  a total of €1,836 642, Limerick schools €2,109540 and Cork schools  €5,661291. These funds are for primary and secondary combined.