Minor Collision On The N24 Between Tipperary Town & Barronstown Cross


Two ambulances attended a minor collision on the N24 at  Barronstown Cross near Limerick Junction earlier today as precaution.  There were no injuries to any of the parties involved.  The collision involved two cars one traveling to Limerick and one exiting the Barronstown local road. 

Due to the nature of the impact between the vehicles the passenger door in one of the vehicles was damaged and could not be opened. It is understood that the passenger in the car had a disability that meant they could not exit the vehicle by scrambling over the seats.  Staff from Tipperary Fire Service were able to open the door to safely extract the passenger who was uninjured.   

The collision was reported shortly before noon.  Traffic is now moving as normal on the road linking Tipperary town to Limerick.

This was the third collision in the area since Christmas according to Gardaí. On April 19th Tipperary County council revealed that it has sought approval from Transport Infrastructure for safety measures at the junction. A response is expected by the end of May.