Calls For Great Use Of Text Alert Scheme To Tackle Illegal Parking of Accessible Bays


The Disabled Drivers Association is to campaign for the greater use of a Text Alert Scheme to report the illegal use of accessible parking bays.

Fear of physical and verbal abuse and their own safety were among the top reasons for not approaching somebody parked illegally in accessible parking bays, according to a survey carried out by the Association in April 2024.

94% of respondents said they would welcome a mobile phone Text Alert Scheme to notify the local warden when someone was parked illegally.

The text alert system is in place in Gorey county Wexford and two locations in Dublin.

Every publicly accessible parking bay has a sign displaying the bay number and a mobile phone number.

If someone is parked in one of those bays without a permit or is misusing the permit, people can text the bay number to alert the traffic warden. 

It is an offence to park a vehicle in an accessible parking bay in a public place without a valid parking permit.

Offenders receive a parking fine of €150 which increases to €225 if not paid within 28 days.

Despite this, parking bay abuse is still going on, according to Richard Ryder of the Disabled Drivers Association.

The Disabled Drivers Association (DDAI) is Ireland’s leading charity for disabled drivers and passengers on a national level.

It promotes independence and equal opportunity through mobility, education and training.