Frontline Health Workers to Receive Booster Vaccine


Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has confirmed that Covid-19 booster vaccines are to be made available to healthcare workers from next weekend.

This comes amidst rising Covid cases and the revelations that nearly 3,500 healthcare workers are out sick due to Covid-related illnesses.

The National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) has recommended the use of booster shots as initial vaccine immunity starts to wain with time.

Writing on Twitter, Minister Donnelly says that for those under 60, booster vaccines are not yet being recommended, but that with time there is increased risk of breakthrough infection.

Effectiveness of vaccines is sustained against serious illness

“I am advised that for under 60’s not immunocompromised, effectiveness of vaccines is sustained against serious illness, hospitalisation & ICU admission.

“However, there is evidence of waning immunity over time of increased risk of breakthrough infection, most of which is mild.”

Niac have recommended that the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines be used as booster shots, regardless of what vaccine was given during the initial vaccination.

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