Restaurants Association In “Disbelief” At Hospitality Disparity As Country Reopens

Adrian Cummins Chief Executive, Restaurants Association of Ireland.

There has been mixed reaction to the government announcement regarding a relaxation of restrictions in the coming weeks.

The Restaurants Association of Ireland said theirs is one of disbelief, confusion and frustration with regarding the Government’s decision to permit Hotel & Guesthouse Restaurants to operate as normal for residents by offering Indoor Dining options from the proposed date of Thursday 2nd June whilst restricting Independent Restaurants, Coffee shops and Gastro pubs to outdoor dining only from the 7th June.

Adrian Cummins, Chief Executive of the Restaurants Association of Ireland said, “We are calling on the Government to publish the Medical and Scientific evidence deeming a Hotel or Guesthouse Restaurant safer than an independent restaurant, coffee shop or gastro pub. Restaurants, hotels, cafes and gastropubs have all followed and implemented the exact same safety protocols for diners since June of last year. I want to be clear, what we are asking for is Indoor Dining Equality and to reopen at the same time!”

He said the decision was anti-competitive, an inequitable decision and without medical, scientific or public health rationale. This also prohibits independent restaurant owners from functioning viably over the summertime and in fact prohibits the re-employment of approx. 110,000 workers. He said his association wants independent restaurants, coffee shops or gastro pubs to reopen alongside Hotel and Guesthouse Restaurants.