Online counselling service open for family carers


A new free online counselling service is being made available to family carers.

The service was launched at the end of last week and is being provided in recognition that family carers often live with higher levels of anxiety, depression and stress than the general population.

A recent study has revealed that 48% of carers are diagnosed with mental health issues and 68% felt that their health had suffered as a result of their role as a family carer.

According to Family Carers Ireland, ‘this pressure on family carers is amplified in the current pandemic as fear for their vulnerable loved ones is much greater’.

Speaking today, the Manager of the Tipperary Branch of Family Carers Ireland, Richie Molloy explained that the service offers ‘a non-judgmental space for family carers to talk about and work through any problems or difficult feelings they are experiencing such as stress, anxiety, low self esteem, burnout or depression with a qualified professional’.

Those wishing to access this service can do so through one of the 22 Family Carer Resource Centres nationwide or via the National Freephone Careline 1800 24 07 24.