Michael Lowry TD criticises report


North Tipperary TD, Michael Lowry, has hit back further at a report yesterday revealing that he failed to declare a land interest to the Dail.

It was reported yesterday that a parcel of land located near the town of Wigan in England in which he has a stake could be worth €10 million next year if its zoning was upgraded.  But, the report claimed he has not declared the interest.

In a press statement issued this morning, Deputy Lowry said that he has since been in contact with the Principal Planning  Officer with Wigan Council who has confirmed that the site in question is not being considered for the development of more housing.

Therefore, Deputy Lowry clains that this reinforces his assertion that the land is of little value and did not justify being declared to the Dail.

He also critised the initial report, which he says created the impression that he was about to avail of a €10 million windfall arising from and expected rezoning decision.