Cashel Girl Wins Farm Safety Week Art Competition

Photo Credit: Isabelle Fogarty

The overall winner of  a children’s  art competition organised as part of Farm Safety week is a Cashel resident.

Isabelle Fogarty, age 11, from Cashel submitted a very colourful and creative 4 in 1 picture.

Isabelle says ‘Don’t be daft, stay away from the PTO shaft’.

Unguarded parts in machinery like PTO shafts are one of the main causes of farm accidents and it is important that machinery being used is suitable for the task, properly maintained with all dangerous parts covered.

Isabelle also used a drawing of a horse to highlight the dangers of blind spots, a striking ‘Beware of the Bull’ image, and an image highlighting hygiene and sanitation around the farmyard.  The prize is a toy shop voucher.

The competition was used to raise awareness among children of the dangers and risks around a farm, and to encourage farm families to think about farm safety. 

Teagasc were very pleased with the response to the competition receiving over 100 entries, each entrant will receive an official Jessy’s Farm Safety Champion certification, a goody pack from Teagasc along with runner up prizes sponsored by Agrikids.