Inland Fisheries Continues To Investigate Discharge Into River Arra


Inland Fisheries Ireland(IFI) continues to investigate a discharge into the River Arra.

The agency was alerted to an incident on Sunday May 5th when a resident in Tipperary town noticed a major discolouration of the river.

Inland Fisheries says it’s environmental officers have been monitoring the watercourse in recent days.

No fish mortalities have been observed arising from this incident according to IFI.

Water samples have been taken by IFI staff, and the results of these tests will determine how investigations into the matter will progress.

IFI says it is working with other statutory agencies to assess the cause of what it calls this “pollution event”.

Inland Fisheries says no further specific details are available at present as it’s main focus remains on monitoring the health of the river’s fish and their habitats.

It is understood that personnel from the Environmental Protection Agency are working with a commercial operation in the town in an effort to establish the circumstances and details of the discharge.