Polling Day Selected For European Parliament, Local & Limerick Mayoral Elections


The Government has formally issued orders today appointing Friday, 7 June 2024 as the polling day and the hours of 7:00a.m. to 10:00p.m. to be the hours of polling at the European Parliament, Local and Limerick mayoral elections. The returning officers for the three elections will in the coming days give public notice of the times for receiving nominations and

Those interested in voting are encouraged to check that their details are correct and up to date at www.checktheregister.ie. Completed applications to register or amend voter details such as address must be received by the registration authority for their area of residence  by Monday, 20 May 2024. If a person is eligible to vote by post, or is unable to vote in person due to an illness or disability and is resident in a hospital, nursing home, mental health facility or similar institution, and they are not on the Postal Voters List or Special Voters List, as appropriate, they can apply up to Saturday, 11 May 2024 for inclusion in those lists.

Candidates can only erect posters from 8 May 2024, which is 30 days before the polling date.  There is a requirement for candidates to remove all posters within 7 days of the poll.

The Tipperary Cahir Cashel Municipal District recently agreed to a request from the Tipperary town Tidy Towns Group that election posters will only be displayed in the Market Yard area of the town. The request was made to reduce emissions related to plastic posters/cable ties, residual litter from cable ties and visual clutter due to multiple election posters on display.