Details On New LEADER 2024-2028 To Be Released In Coming Weeks


South Tipperary Development Company has signed a Service Level Agreements with Tipperary Local Community Development Committee for the delivery of SICAP 2024 – 2028 and LEADER 2024 – 2028 in South Tipperary.

Through LEADER South Tipp Development Company provided grant assistance, advice and guidance other resources to assist in the development of stronger, better connected, more resilient and prosperous communities.

Projects have been supported in enterprise, farm diversification, tourism, local food, community facilities, projects promoting greater social inclusion, environmental protection, and climate action.

The new programme is funded via the Common Agricultural Policy and exchequer funding.

The Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme(SICAP) provides supports to targeted individuals assisting them to improve the quality of their life through the provision of lifelong learning and training.

Supports are also provided to individuals trying to get into the labour market or people wishing to start up a new business.

Community groups can be supported to identify and address issues which cause social exclusion and inequality in communities, ultimately leading to more sustainable communities.

Details of the funding opportunities and supports are to be released in the coming weeks.