Families Urged To Confirm Their School Transport Requirements


Bus Éireann is urging  families to confirm their school transport requirement for 2022/23 within the next two weeks following recent changes to the scheme.  The deadline is  July  29th.   The school transport scheme will be free to families in 2022/2023 as part of the Government response to the cost of living crisis.

Bus Éireann has reconfigured its online family portal and is advising families that it has now reopened.  Bus Éireann operates the school transport scheme on behalf of the Department of Education.  The company has contacted registered families by email and families are now urged to respond. The email has a link to bring them directly to the new confirmation page on the school portal.

 The system  requires people to click a button to request their ticket. People who have already made a payment for school transport do not need to take any further action and will be refunded around the start of the school year.

People who have applied but have not yet made a payment will need to log in and request their ticket on the portal.     People with medical cards do not need to enter their medical card details but do need to log in and request their ticket on the portal.

Free school transport is a temporary measure introduced by the Government to provide assistance to families for the current year. The normal eligibility criteria are unchanged.