Public Health Officials Warns Parents Of RSV Impact On Children


Public Health HSE Mid-West is urging parents to be vigilant of their children’s symptoms, as we are seeing a significant increase in child hospitalisations.  

 RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) is a highly contagious respiratory disease, which generally occurs between October and April, with cases peaking in December.

Last week saw the highest ever weekly number of cases of RSV and the highest ever weekly number of hospitalisations caused by RSV in Ireland.

RSV is mostly mild in adults and older children but can cause bronchiolitis in very young babies.

It can also be serious and life-threatening for older adults, individuals with weak immune systems, and children who are premature or have chronic heart and lung disease. 

Most cases of bronchiolitis/RSV can be cared for at home, and can clear without treatment. However, symptoms can worsen quickly, so it is important to watch symptoms which include a runny nose, blocked nose, mild fever, and a slight cough

There’s been 82 reports of RSV in Tipperary and 123 in Limerick.