Three Cost Of Living Payments To Be Pay Out This Week


Three Cost of Living lump sum payments being paid this week by the Government These supports were introduced as part of Budget 2024 and are the first of a total of nine lump sum payments that will be paid between November 2023 and January 2024.

The Lump-Sum payments being paid this week are:

 A €300 Fuel Allowance Lump Sum Payment will be paid to 409,000 households throughout the week.

From Wednesday 22nd November to Friday 24th November, a €400 Disability Support Grant will be paid to 214,000 people with disabilities who receive Disability Allowance, Invalidity Pension or the Blind Pension.

On Thursday, 23rd November, a €400 lump sum Working Family Payment will be paid to 45,000 families (with 97,000 children).

People will receive the lump sum payments in addition to and on the same day that they usually receive their primary payment.

The payments being paid this week will be followed by 6 further lump sum payments over the coming weeks, including a €400 Carer’s Support Grant, a double Child Benefit payment, and Christmas and January double payments.

All the lump sum and double payments are automatically paid – people do not need to apply for them.