Local Public Reps Met HSE Officials To Discuss New Nursing Unit In Cashel


Local public representatives met with the HSE today in Cashel to discuss the future delivery of a 60 bed Community Nursing Unit.

The project has been stalled as efforts continue to find a suitable site as the HSE says the available space at St Patrick’s Hospital is not large enough.

The HSE wants to build a single story building with ample gardens attached and parking space.

Work on assessing HSE owned lands at Palmers Hill, Cashel is to continue and a further update is to be given in December.

This assessment will consider possible access points to the site that might make it more viable.

The HSE wants to use a greenfield site that will provide some room for future expansion.

It was also confirmed today that the only funding allocated to the project is funds for design works.

The project is at least 4 to 5 years away from delivery according to officials at today’s meeting.

The project was originally to be submitted for planning permission at the St Patrick’s Hospital site in 2019.  

The HSE accepted  today that it’s communication on the project could be improved. Three Tipperary TDs; Martin Browne, Mattie McGrath and Jackie Cahill attended as did Cllr Roger Kennedy and Cllr Declan Burgess – both are members of the Regional Health Forum.