Blockage Cleared From Tipperary Town Pearse Park Wastewater System


Uisce Éireann reports that works have been undertaken to resolve issues with the wastewater system in the Pearse Park area of Tipperary town. An investigation of the main line sewer revealed that there was a blockage. Uisce Éireann hired a specialist third party jetting contractor to clear the blockage – the work was completed on July 19th.

Local Councillor Tony Black says while he welcomes the work it took almost a week to get the issue investigated and resolved. Residents had complained that sewage was bubbling up from utility covers in the estate and rainfall water was not clearing from the estate. Complaints were also made about an unpleasant smell in the area.

Uisce Éireann says it’s staff will continue to monitor the area. It is not thought that any repairs are needed as a result of their investigations. The cause of the blockage is thought to be a build-up of “fat” waste such as cooking oil, grease or other similar waste being put into the waste system.

Uisce Éireann responded to approximately 10,000 ­customer-notified blockages in 2022 – many caused by “fatbergs”.

Uisce Éireann says customers can contact their customer care line by calling 1800 278 278 to report any issues with the waste water system.