The March4Tipp Campaign Group Is To Disband


The March4Tipp Campaign Group is to disband. The group released a statement on their social media platform last evening saying the decision acknowledges that work remains to be done to improve life for the people in Tipperary town.  The group was founded in 2018 and says the work, on the part of volunteer members, took a cumulative toll over the last five years.

Some of the March4Tipp members will still be actively involved in local groups, where they will continue to have the best interest of the town at heart in its regeneration.

The group singles out the response from the community when over 5,000 people marched to get the Government’s attention as one of the high points of it’s activism.   Ultimately this led to the establishment of the Tipperary Revitalisation Task Force.  The group also feels the profile of the town is higher with Government Leaders and TDs regularly discussing the priorities of the town in the Dáil. March4Tipp is also grateful to local and national representatives who continue to bring the needs of the town to those with the power to help. 

Apart from the creation of the Task Force the group also welcomed DEIS status for all the town’s primary schools to assist children from lower socio-economic groups to complete their education.  This had been a priority issue for the group. Work on securing the construction of the ByPass of Tipperary Town as a priority project within the N24 upgrade is also a major achievement of the group – this project is expected to be submitted for planning approval next year. Removing the excessive traffic and HGV traffic from the town centre is considered to be an essential prerequisite to revitalising the town centre.