Tipperary Hospital Gynae Ward Closed To Visitors Due To Outbreak


Due to an outbreak of Norovirus (vomiting bug) in the Gynae Ward in Tipperary University Hospital (TippUH), the hospital is advising the Gynae ward is closed to visitors except on compassionate grounds.

To arrange a visit on compassionate grounds members of the public should contact the ward manager in advance. The hospital advises that visitors to the affected ward should be aware that they may be at risk of contracting norovirus.

TippUH is also requesting that people do not visit the hospital if they are feeling unwell, have had recent symptoms of diarrhoea and/or vomiting or flu like symptoms.

Hospital management are also appealing to the public not to visit if they have been in contact with people that have these symptoms.

Management says these measures are vital to avoid spreading the virus to sick vulnerable patients.

The hospital is requesting that visitors ensure they clean their hands with alcohol gel if visibly clean or with soap and water after using the toilet or if hands are visibly soiled.

Surgical masks should be worn while in the hospital and visitors are asked not use patient toilets on the wards or en-suites and to instead use the visitor toilets available at ground floor level.

The hospital telephone number is 052 617 7000.