Deputy McGrath Calls For Cash Access To Be Protected


The Rural Independent TD Dáil Grouping are seeking government action to safeguard the use of and access to cash.

The Group says the citizen’s right to be able to access cash should be protected.

The group has put forward a Dáil motion for tomorrow evening.

The Rural Independents are concerned that a move to cashless society will lead to increased government control and surveillance over people’s lives.

The group wants to prevent the move towards cash being phased out of use entirely citing banks going cashless or closing as part of this trend.

The group also sees advantages in using cash for budgeting and ensuring that transactions can always be completed without the risk of technical outages and cash ensures those not adopting new technology will not be excluded – especially the elderly. 

The group wants the government to develop Access to Cash legislation in line with the recommendations of the Retail Banking Review Report 2022 and to do this by June before the current Dáil session ends.

The Group is led by Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath.