Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant Confirmed For Expansion by the Government


The government has confirmed the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant is to be expanded to cities and remote rural areas. All areas of the country are now within the scope of the scheme as the government increases it’s efforts to respond to the housing crisis. The scheme’s expansion will help bring vacant and derelict properties back into residential use and ensure the existing housing stock is used to the fullest extent possible. The updated application form, eligibility criteria and associated FAQs are available here.  Further information will be available from the Vacant Homes Officer in Tipperary County Council.

A Grant €30,000 is available to homebuyers to refurbish a home which they will live in. Where a property is derelict, a maximum top-up grant amount of up to €20,000 will be available, bringing the total grant available for a derelict property up to a maximum of €50,000. The grants can also be combined with the SEAI Better Energy Home Scheme that covers works of up to €26,750. Properties considered for inclusion must be vacant for two years or more and built before 1993.  The grant can be applied to a wide range of measures to refurb a property for use as a principal private residence including professional services such as surveys. The scheme has been available in Towns and Villages since July 2022 and so far has attracted 420 applications.