Deputy McGrath To Move Dáil Motion To Reduce Electricity Prices


​Rural Independent TDs led by Deputy Mattie McGrath are to move a Dáil motion this morning in a bid to reduce electricity prices.

The group believes that state funded electricity credits only benefits the energy company.

The motion aims to implement an EU Council Regulation which came into effect on October 8th, and forces all member states to implement measures to protect consumers, notably by capping the profits of wind energy producers and reducing consumption by sectors, such as data centres.

The motion would also tax the super or excess profits of all energy producers, including companies and permanent establishments operating within the oil, gas, coal, and refinery sectors in Ireland, inclusive of the Corrib gas field, and return these funds to consumers, helping them pay for energy bills.

Due to the structure of energy markets energy from wind has been sold at a price that rises in tandem with gas prices and the Rural Independents want to see the super profits of these wind farm companies reduced leading to reducing electricity bills for every customer.