Sinn Fein Calls For Government Commitment To Community Air Ambulance


Sinn Fein are calling on the Health Minister to commit to the future of the Irish Community Air Ambulance.

Tipp TD Martin Browne says the future of the service was raised by Cashel Fire Service.

The service relies heavily on charitable donations which has been restricted during the pandemic. 

The service is now seeking state financial aid for two years at €700,000 a year, which would reduce once fundraising could take place again.

The state support was not forthcoming and the service is now faced with tendering to provide a service against commercial operators to secure funding or raising the funds by donations.

The Irish Air Ambulance Service was called out over 500 times last year.

Fuel costs for the service has increased from 70c a litre to €1.47c resulting in annual fuel costs increasing from €80,000 per annum to between €140 – €150,000 a year.