Revenue To Contact & Remind 300,000 People To Submit LPT


Officials from Revenue, the state agency that manages the Local Property Tax are to contact approximately 300,000 property owners over the coming weeks to remind them of their requirement to submit a Local Property Tax (LPT) Return for the 2022 – 2025 valuation period.

To date, LPT Returns in respect of 1.7 million properties have been submitted.

However, for a further 300,000 properties, an LPT return is overdue.

This includes approximately 160,000 properties for which LPT payment arrangements are in place.

The new return is to take account of changes in the valuation bands put in place on November 1st last year and also that houses built since 2013 are now eligible for the tax.

The return must be submitted even if the homeowner has paid in full or has a rollover payment arrangement in place.

The LPT online portal can be found on and a LPT Helpline is available at 01 738 36 26.