Trawlers Assemble In Dublin Today For Protest Against Fishing Quotas


A flotilla of trawlers from all around the Irish coast is assembling in Dublin today opposite the Convention Centre and long the John Rogersons Quay.

The event is a protest by fishermen over quotas, some impacted by the Brexit agreement, and the EU Common Fisheries policy. Organisers of today’s demonstration say they are protesting the “lack of a level playing field under the EU Common Fisheries Policy” which they say “is destroying” the Irish fishing industry and rural communities.

There will be a rally at Guild St Park at noon, before a delegation will deliver a letter to the Taoiseach at the National Convention Centre. The Irish fishing industry is worth over €1 billion to the economy, with 16,000 people employed in fishing and processing.

The East Link Toll bridge was lifted for 75 mins earlier this morning to allow flotilla vessels to berth at John Rogerson’s Quay, the bridge will also be lifted for one hour at 9.30pm tonight to allow the vessels to depart.