Vaccine Roll-Out Takes Another Blow

But Easing Of Restrictions To Go Ahead

Covid-19 Vaccine (Image: Public Domain)

The vaccine roll out plans took a blow yesterday with news that Astra Zeneca deliveries this week will be less than promised. AstraZeneca has cut its scheduled delivery of vaccines due this Saturday from 45,000 to 9,000. Earlier, the HSE’s Damien McCallion told the Oireachtas Health Committee that changes in past 48 hours “will limit the numbers of vaccines we can do, the utilisation of centres & our current plans” A further scheduled delivery of 165,000 Astra Zeneca doses on April 30th has been delayed until May 3rd. The AZ product had been allocated to those over 60 years, so this will impact the rollout to that group over the coming weeks.

However, the Government also confirmed that the easing of restrictions will continue from 26th April. From Monday, outdoor sports facilities such as pitches, golf, and tennis courts can reopen. Clubhouses and indoor facilities must remain closed. Outdoor visitor attractions can reopen with capacity limits in place.

Attendance at funerals will increase to 25, but the Government has said gatherings should not take place before or after funeral services. The cabinet is expected to meet on Friday and announce a wider range of relaxations of restrictions late on Friday evening.

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