Prof. Luke O’Neill Says Nasal Spray COVID Vaccine Could Be Coming


In an interview, this morning on Newstalk, Trinity College Immunologist, Professor Luke O’Neill, said that AstraZeneca is currently embarking on a large-scale trial in the hopes of developing an effective COVID-19 vaccine in the form of a nasal spray.

The popular Professor explained that “it’s just a spray up your nose, and they’re embarking on a big trial now – mainly in the 18 to 40-year olds”.

“If they get there with that, that could be quite quick […] it’s quite straightforward”.

“You can buy the spray, or your GP might have it, or maybe even one day in a pharmacy […] and then you spray it up your nose and you’re vaccinated. And what’s good about that is that will protect your nose as well, and that decreases the risk of you being a transmitter”.

Prof. O’Neill also went on to state that there is increasing evidence that the COVID virus could be limited in the number of variants it mutates into: “There’s more and more evidence that we may have all the variants that we need to worry about”.

“There’s more evidence now for this notion that it’s finite, basically the number of variants that we might get will be finite”

This is very positive news as it suggests that the current three main variants (South African, Brazilian & UK) may be the only variants that we will ever need to be concerned about.

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