Taoiseach approves working group for Tipp town.


The Taoiseach has agreed to the establishment of a working group for Tipperary town.

Mr. Varadkar confirmed this after Deputy Michael Lowry took the opportunity during Leader’s Questions yesterday afternoon to speak of the challenges facing Tipp town.

Deputy Lowry referred to the recent March4Tipp demonstrations of which the Taoiseach said he was aware; while he also referred to the need for additional supports for Tipperary’s five primary schools. 

The pressure that businesses are facing due to rates, levies and other charges was also mentioned to Mr. Varadkar.

In relation to the setting up of a task force or working group to pursue improvement in the fortunes of Tipperary town, the Taoiseach admitted that a new approach is needed. That approach he added, should be local authority-led and involve government agencies and local groups and organisations.