Search Is On For Alternatives To Excel Six-Month Closure


Efforts will be made to find an alternative to plans to shut the Excel Centre for an extended period.

The has been considerable public outrage at news that on Thursday of last week the centre’s board of management informed staff that the centre is to close from April 1st until October 1st to allow for the building of a library on the premises.  That closure would also apply to the French Quarter Café.  A total of 30 people would be out of work if the closure was implemented.

The Excel’s board of management said that the decision was made after planning officials and those involved in the building project demanded it.

Today, local councillors met with the Tipperary/Cashel District Director Clare Curley and representatives of the county council’s planning office.

Speaking afterwards, councillors Michael Fitzgerald and Martin Browne said that officials were criticised for their lack of communication with councillors on the matter.  They also said that the officials were told in no uncertain terms that the closure would be unacceptable to them and to the public.

It has now been agreed upon that a meeting will take place tomorrow (Tuesday) to look for alternatives that would not involve a six-month closure.  That meeting will be attended by the seven Municipal District members, council planners, the architect involved and members of the Excel’s board of management.