N24 Cahir to Limerick Junction Proposed Route To Be Published Next Month


The proposed route for the N24 Cahir to Limerick Junction Road Upgrade is to be published on May 27th.

Tipperary county council reports that at present arrangements are being made to select a venue for a week or two of public consultations with the land owners that will be effected by the route that is finally chosen.

ARUP consultants are managing the project in collaboration with Transport Infrastructure Ireland and Tipperary County Council.

The proposal may include additional elements involving public transport and active travel options.

Council officials say the proposal being made went through a peer review process last week and there were “no show stopper issues” identified.

Although 200 planning applications were made in the area under consideration only 12 were impacted by the route chosen for the project .

The council says it understands the stress for these 12 applicants but says the route corridor had to be protected until the final selection decision is made.