Success For Connect Tipperary Initiative


There has been a success for the Connect Tipperary Initiative, with a New Zealand company basing part of its international operations in Dundrum.

The company, Tamaki Control, develops software for processing systems and is currently working on a system for a cheese processing complex in New Mexico.

When its founder, Derek Turnbull, mentioned to John Lewis of Tipperary Co-op that he had plans to expand, Mr. Lewis suggested he consider Tipperary as a location.

Mr. Lewis put Mr. Turnbull in contact with the Connect Tipperary Initiative, and now seven people are working out of the new base in Dundrum.

Speaking of the success, business consultant Richard O’Keefe, who is sponsored by Tipperary Co-op to work on the Connect Tipperary project, said that the number of jobs at Tamaki could increase to 15 over time.

He also said that it is proof that Connect Tipperary, which relies on people to spread the word of Tipperary as an area for locating a business, really works.