GPs in South Tipp say contract for under 6’s unworkable

GPs working in South Tipperary have told the health minister that while they wish to provide free care to the under-6s, the contract they have been asked to sign is unworkable.
In a letter, the GPs tell the minister that the contract offered by the HSE fails to provide the necessary support and protection to ensure the continued accessibility, confidentiality and quality expected by their patients.
They further maintain that many of their colleagues have only signed the contract under duress.
They have called on the minister to meet with them to address their concerns.
The South Tipperary area has been found to have the lowest level nationally of GPs signing up to the scheme.  According to the latest figures released by the HSE, only 12% of GPs have signed up – that equates to just 6 out of 51.
The HSE maintains that 71% of GPs nationally have joined the scheme.